2016 Toyota Supra Toyota Officially Admitted That FT1 is New Supra

The 2016 Toyota Supra is yet another ace up Toyotas sleeve. The long-awaited model comes as a brand new sport coupe and is a result of Toyotas collaboration with BMW. Apart from reviving the old 1979-2002 Supra, the new model will be built around the Toyota FT-1 concept car. Moreover, the Japanese automaker will provide the design as well as the platform while BMW will supply the engine, which will likely be a gasoline-powered unit in addition to a plug-in hybrid.

Exterior and Interior

As yet, the 2016 Toyota Supra is still under wraps, so we tried to render its look based on what we know about the FT-1 concept taking into account all the necessary changes entailed in making a production car.

Basically were expecting a sleek two-door coupe with a low-stance. The exterior will feature sloping lines with sculpted bodywork and an aggressive front and rear fascias with alternately large air intakes, exhaust quads, LED headlight and a trademark Supras spoiler.


Carbon-fiber panels and high-strength steels will also feature strongly in the platform rounded out with 17-inch wheels and eye-catching color palette.

One of the things most often mentioned as regards the new Supra is that it is going to be available as a convertible as well as a regular coupe.

Apparently, this will require a flatter design throughout. For instance, the FT-1s aggressive nose will have to go. The air intakes will have to be toned down. But we have no doubt that despite these modifications the end result will still be a dashing car to have and drive.

No information has been made available as regards the inside of the car. However, knowing what we know about sport models of today we can be permitted to indulge ourselves by putting together an interior we would love to see: Recaro bucket seats, cockpit-styled center stack with upscale materials on the dashboard and door panels.


2016 Toyota Supra Powertrain

So far the safe money regarding the 2016 Toyota Supras engine is on the BMW-developed, direct-injection turbo-four. In the hybrid trim, the engine will be coupled with Toyotas own super conductor hybrid technology, which is expected to generate in excess of 300kW.

The power will be routed to the rear-wheels, although there is very strong indication that at least one motor-generator will be mounted on the front axle to scoop up the braking force and convert it into energy.


2016 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

There is very little official information available pertaining to the release or the price of the model. However, most rumors predict the release date no earlier than late 2016. As for the price of the 2016 Toyota Supra, were betting it will be something around or upwards of $45,000.

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