2017 Toyota C-HR Review and Price

2017 Toyota C-HR is a brand new subcompact crossover in the market, with the amazing new exterior design and surely much bigger inside space. That’s pretty much all which this model brings in the crossover community, where were Nissan and Kia already made a place for themselves. But, the designers haven’t lost their time in making the new Toyota C-HR so the buyers can expect lusher and wilder outside look instead of simply designed crossovers in this class.


There is actually no much information about the new 2017 Toyota C-HR because the manufacturer hasn’t released any more detail than few photos. As the opposite of the most known high crossovers, which we should expect to be a new Toyota with the name C-HR (coupe high ride), the new Toyota is a little lower the car and has four doors. But, the whole confusion disappears after the first glance. His bunch fenders, falling roof and lifted bunch rear end give a look of the modern and rough car for the high-speed drivers. The modern look is blended together with the modern LED lights at the front and broken sideline for the better aerodynamics.



The new outside design brought enlarging the space inside. It is smaller than Toyota RAV4 in length and height, but it’s also 8.9 inches longer and has extra 4.3 inches in wheelbase in comparison with the Juke. 2017 Toyota C-HR surely has more space for the passengers and the cargo. Some spy’s photos show black leather with the discrete blue light like a line on the doors and the trapezoidal dashboard where all buttons and equipment are. The car is made on the new and recognizable Toyota platform, called Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), a flexible base already seen in Toyota Prius.



With the interesting and attractive design on 2017 Toyota C-HR, the small 1.2 l turbocharged hybrid powertrain with 133 horses seems a little disappointing. The option with the 1.8 l also turbocharged four-cylinder engine and its 120 horsepower doesn’t offer any consolation, neither. But, the fact is that the US market always gets bigger version promises the same scenario, so there is a big chance that they will have 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with the modern continuously variable automatic transmission. All versions will be offered with the front and four wheels drive options.


2017 Toyota C-HR Price

After this selected information about the new 2017 Toyota C-HR, the price, and the release date is hidden and practically is impossible to know what to expect. We can say that the price for this car will be different in the US and the rest of the world and the more equipment will be offered for that market than we saw in the prototype. Knowing that the price for the Toyota RAV4, a Toyota car closest to this model, starts from $24,000 we can expect a similar price range for this car, too.

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