2018 Toyota 86 not about power, but it is about fun!

The new 2018 Toyota 86 is coming soon to the market, it new, fun, and almost nothing that you expect from Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S). New 2018 86 Toyota has been Redesign, and has few more changes worth mentioning.

Design of new 86

When we wanna talk about changes from exterior from this beauty that been around for 5 years, we can say that new model only experience a mid-life facelift (or a ‘refresh’ in manufacturer terms).This changes provide a modern aerodynamic look. New 86 (Subaru BRZ) is low, sleek and long, like sport car, but we wanted little more of new Toyota 86.



Interior of new Toyota 86 model is not to cousy, and rear seat do not have much space, so it is best to live it for children, or put some luggage on it. But do not forget this is sporty wehicle, so they concentrate on performance of the car, and not luxury and space in interior.



With new styling this sports coupe has strange steering because its mixed bag, with the precise and well-weighted electric power assist taking out much of the feel. Car is precise, and brakes are modulate and adequate for the cars weight. The 86 always was, and remains a sharp steerer. Toyota wanned for you to taste cars growling engine note into the cabin, so they put sound pipe, so road noise can become when you hit above 70 mph.

As for the acceleration for the new model, new 86 model gets from 0 to 60 mph for 6,8 second, that would be definitely little better, but looking on previous model it is improved little bit.


Engine of Subaru BRZ (Toyota 86)2018

The Toyota latest 86 model will have 2.0-liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder that brings 205hp and has paddle-shifted 6-speed automatic powering the rear wheels.


2018 Toyota 86 Release Date and Price

The model is still hanging around $30K, and the basic model you can find for little over $26,000. Thet is not much money considering all that new 2018 Toyota 86 is bringing on the table.

As for the day of hitting this beauty on the market, you can expect it at the last quarter in 2017.

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