2018 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

Toyota is known to be a famous auto maker which many people give first priority due to their consistency in quality provision for many decades. They are the first option for most car buyers and they always impress with new models in the market. They have scheduled the release of the new 2018 Toyota Celica and many are awaiting it with bated breath. It will give car buyers the opportunity to own a car which the matches the expectations and its price tag.

Changes that have been made to the 2018 Toyota Celica

The outside will be redesigned to be able to bridge the Celica gap and shove it into the present decade to appeal more to buyers. The fascia is bound to receive a complete upgrade. Other minor changes will be seen in the headlights, rocker panels and rear bumpers. Due to immense technological advancements there shall be many interior changes all aiming to make the experience friendlier.


New Engine

The engine unit for the new model has been upgraded and it will offer better delivery. It’s expected to come with a 2.0l four-cylinder engine that pumps 258 HP on the least. Its engine unit will have a variable motor with valve timing and an automatic gearbox.

High Performance

It shall ensure a high performance rate of 400hp to keep up with other competitors since that is the common average. It will have a six speed transmission and a manual one as well. It’ll also have 4 wheel drive capabilities. It will be fully equipped to provide safety, efficiency and reliability.



The model boasts of an upgraded interior and fascia. The cabin will have high-tech systems installed in it to assists in navigation and other functions. For safety, there shall be air bags on the side to reduce accidental impacts. Safety is an aspect that has been given high consideration and has been tackled effectively for this model. It is one important feature which will market it to buyers. Extra features that are present in the Celica include navigation, anti-lock, cruise management and power windows.

Its fascia receives a new appearance crowned with brand new bumpers at the rear, a rear spoiler and a durable rocker. It is aggressive and stylish with perfect combinations of color paint. To spice it up, the vehicle is equipped with fog lamps that are integrated, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD screens, sunshade, an 8 speaker system, keyless entry, power antenna and a power tilt moon-roof. It’s designed to be economical and highly efficient based on the upgraded mechanisms that have been installed and durable finishes.


2018 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

The 2018 Toyota Celica is set to be released to the public sometime in 2017 and it has $20,000 to $30,000 as its starting price. This is due to the uncertainty of most of its features which could cause a hike. There will definitely be a need to attract in more users bearing in mind that the current driver is hooked onto technology and they go for vehicles that give exactly that. A precise release date hasn’t been mentioned yet.

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